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Selling Your Home During the Holidays | Lindale TX Real EstateAh, the holidays. The season for eggnog, fires in the grate, family feasts and…selling your house? For home sellers, this season can be even more stressful than normal. Questions like “should I have my home on the market during the holidays? Should I wait until after the New Year to put it on the market? If my home has already been on the market, should I take it off during the holidays?” It’s enough to make your head spin. But don’t take your house off the market in a panic. Just grab a mug of cider and take comfort in some of Zillow’s excellent reasons for selling your home during the holidays.

First of all, don’t fret: Serious buyers never stop looking for houses, even during the craziness of holiday schedules. Zillow reminds us that, with the advent of the internet and our constant access to technology, it’s never been easier to juggle holiday shopping with home searching. People can easily continue their home search, online and on phones through real estate apps.

 The Inventory—and  the competition—is usually lighter during the holidays. As stated above, dedicated home seekers are always looking for a home.  And during the holiday rush when home selling may be on a lull, your home could be more likely to catch a buyer’s hungry eye.

Don’t kill yourself with stress.  If you really do have an insane holiday schedule planned this year—the entire family’s coming for Thanksgiving dinner, AND you’ll be hosting the New Year’s party—then don’t sweat it. You can just list your house in January. Often home listings in January can be sparse, and your home listing could be just the thing for buyers who are energized by their New Year resolutions and ready to find that perfect house.

The most important thing to consider is your family’s needs and schedules. If you can easily enjoy the holiday festivities at friends’ houses and you’d like to sell your home as quickly as possible, by all means, list your home during the holidays. You can reap the benefits of people’s more flexible vacation schedules (more time to look at houses!).  But, if the thought of selling your home during the holidays causes too much stress, don’t feel bad about taking a little break.

Remember, we are always here to make your holidays less stressful, with answers to and help with all your home selling  needs and questions.

To your home selling success!

Kerissa Payne, Broker/Owner REALTOR® 

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