Open Kitchen Concepts Come in All Design Styles in Homes for Sale In East Texas

It is all about being inspired and having a vision of what you need and want when looking for a home. One feature that many buyers of homes for sale in East Texas are looking for is a great kitchen. Food has a way of bringing family and friends together. It is a very important room for many people because of the time spent there and all the benefits that time can bring.

Let’s take a look at Part II in our series about open concept kitchens. We have talked about kitchens with great islands, overhead beams, fireplaces, and outdoor extensions. Here are just a few more possibilities.

An open concept doesn’t necessarily have to be large in order to be attractive. Sometimes it is about the colors and the textures that combine to give a kitchen a charm all its own. Natural woods together with white counters and walls has an effect that is very inviting.

homes for sale east texas | Remax Legacy Kerissa PayneLight can make all the difference, especially in a smaller space. Even when using solid wood furniture, light is the main accessory. Using abundant lighting in conjunction with a mirrored wall ensures that maximized lumination at all times. The effect is a true wow factor in opening up what might have appeared as a smaller cramped kitchen.

Counter space is a real plus in any kitchen. If modern with a cutting edge is your style then a long counter with wood panelling might just create your much desired look. Even though the materials and shapes are simple the use of color in your accessories will make your space pop.

Maybe eating at a table is not your thing.   A long counter can be big enough to break bread with family and friends. You can still pull up a chair and gather round, one of the main purposes of an open kitchen, more than one place to eat and be merry.

“Killing two birds with one stone” –  Imagine an open concept kitchen that functions not only as a hallway but also the center of the home. Cabinets arranged on one wall with hanging lights down the center giving the room length and allowing natural light to flow.

Here is a great combo; cooking area, an office, dining room and living room all in one. Amazing what you can do with space. The open concept allows the kitchen to be a focal point. The use of harmonious color, built ins, and the right decor help to create a perfect fit for a dining area and lounge.

There is so much to be seen in the homes for sale in East Texas and our team at Remax Legacy is here to lend our expertise. Come on in and visit with the best realtor in East Texas, Kerissa Payne, and let us show you the best of what East Texas has to offer. You will be glad you did!

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