Lindale, TX Home For Sale? 5 Tips on Selling Your Home Quickly

Lindale Texas Homes for Sale

Do you have a Lindale, TX home for sale? Here there are a few things that might make your home sell faster in today’s market.

1. Declutter your home – It is important to get rid of any clutter that may be in your home. If you have appliances on your counter, remove them. If you have photographs in every nook and cranny of your home, take them down and store them for your new home. If you have too much furniture in a room it could make the room look small and crowded. The key to decluttering is to make sure to take them down and allow your buyer to imagine their things in the space. Think of a furniture store magazine. Your home should appear to be neutral and open, ready for your buyer to move in.

2. Curb Appeal – Make sure your home stands out in your buyer’s mind by having a well manicured lawn and hedges. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in freshening up your home. Don’t neglect your front door and entryway. A clean door, and uncluttered entry make a great first impression.

3. Complete the Honey-Do List – Are there a lot of small repairs that need to be made? Go ahead and get those small things to do. No one wants to have to deal with all the things that are often neglected in home maintenance. If the garage door squeaks and squeals, repair it. If the dishwasher kickplate needs replaced, replace it. All the little things will add up in a buyer’s mind when they are deciding to purchase your home.

4. Clean the home – This one is a given. Make sure your home is top to bottom white-gloves-clean. Clean the grout in the bathrooms, wash the ceiling fan blades and blinds. Dust often, and don’t forget the baseboards!

5. Pricing – Work with your Lindale, TX realtor, Kerissa Payne, to set the price of your home at a rate that is comparable and competitive with area homes. You may even want to throw in a few perks for buying your home like a transferable warranty, a flooring allowance, or money towards closing costs. Talk with Kerissa about what is best for you and trust her years of experience to help your home sell quickly.

Contact your Lindale, TX realtor, Kerissa Payne, for more information on Lindale, TX homes for sale at 903-882-6683.

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