Lindale Texas Homes For Sale with Open Concept Kitchens are Hot!

Lindale Texas Homes for Sale | Kerissa Payne Remax LegacyLooking at Lindale, Texas homes for sale? Have something in mind for your list of wants and must haves? Texas has always been known for going BIG, and open concepts kitchens fit the bill.

Kitchens have always been considered a gathering place for family and friends, today is no different. Today’s homes have really picked up on that vibe and seem to be catering to that style of living. Large, spacious, opening up beyond the table and chairs, right into a den or informal living room. Just what today’s busy families had in mind. There are many Lindale, Texas homes for sale that really showcase this concept.

In a two part series we are going to explore the many possibilities of the open concept kitchen. One way to get those creative juices flowing and bring more options when looking for those desired features in your new home.

One bonus of open concept kitchens is that it is an excellent layout for helping a smaller home feel larger. Clever spacing tricks help bring kitchen and living room together to create a functional gathering place, perfect for work, rest, cooking, eating, and entertaining.

A large square island along with a separate counter,provide plenty of desired space to prepare meals. Add chairs to the island and you invite others to join in, engage in conversation, and provide helping hands. White is the perfect color to add light and give a larger look to the space.

A slight addition of an overhead beam of wood extending across the ceiling with two decorative metal panels on each side going down to the floor creates an arch. The open concept is still in effect but the arch helps to delineate the kitchen area, two spaces in one very cleverly disguised.

An interesting architectural feature that works nicely into some open concepts is a fireplace. The open space gives families and guest the opportunity to gather and enjoy the warmth and charm of the fireplace. Benefits for both those cooking in the kitchen and those relaxing in the dining or living room.

Not only can a kitchen open into other indoor living spaces, it can also open right into the backyard, patio, or garden. Through large windows or doors natural light and views can be enjoyed while cooking or dining.

There are some pretty amazing ideas out there. Kerissa Payne is just the agent to help you take a look at Lindale, Texas homes for sale. We all have our wants and if it is possible she will assist you in locating that home with all the wants and needs! Give her a call today!

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