Homes For Sale In Lindale, TX That Have That Extra Something

Homes For Sale In Lindale, TX That Have That Extra Something

Kerissa Payne is more than happy to help you find that home with a lil’ extra something!

When looking at homes for sale in Lindale, TX there are many factors that come into consideration. Location, price, and school districts are some of the most obvious, but even though these components are important, don’t underestimate the features that say “this is it”.

Everyone has a wish list; so to speak…surprisingly over 60% of buyers are willing to pay more for a home with certain desired features. Many are in for the long haul, and want to have as much as possible in a package deal. The purchase of a home is always on an investment, but to those between the ages of 35 and 50 it is sometimes more about a home than just a  house. The details have an affect on the quality of life; they personalize it and make it their space, a haven, a retreat from the outside world.

Homes for sale in Lindale,TX are sure to have some of these factors that make all the difference. Let’s take a look at some features that have that “extra something”.

Eat in Kitchens are especially important to buyers with families. Considered a gathering place or family hangout it gives families a special place to spend time together.

Kitchen islands are multi-taskers. Not only do they lend additional counter and prep space but who couldn’t use another place to eat.

The trend nowadays is stainless steel appliances. This feature is more about appearance than longevity. Considering appliances, brand new catches a buyer’s eye too.

How did we ever live without a master bath? Over the past 10 years this added “sanctuary” has risen in popularity. Two sinks for couples is another appealing option.

To some they might be “old school” but hardwood floors are in great demand. Not only do they add beauty but they are easier to keep clean and who isn’t interested in making housework lighter.

We seem to have so much “stuff” that walk-in closets are high on the list. Storage is a must and rates high in the must haves not just the wants when looking at homes for sale in Lindale, TX.

We are all human and our comforts are a priority. I guess that is why almost seven out of ten home buyers are willing to spend the extra to purchase a home with central air conditioning. People desiring to buy a home for sale in Lindale, TX are not strangers to excessive heat and being cool and comfortable is a part of survival.

If you are looking to purchase a home for sale in Lindale, TX and you have certain features in mind then give Kerissa Payne a call today. She will be more than happy to help you find that home with that “extra something”.

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