Details Buyers Should Consider When Looking at Homes for Sale in East Texas

homes for sale in east texasHave a plan before looking at homes for sale in East Texas. What do you want in a house – lots of space, a big backyard, close proximity to work? These features come to mind immediately, but there are details that might not come to mind when you take that first tour through a potential home.
You’ll need to move all your belongings from your old home to your new one, so check out the size of each room at an open house. Is the master bedroom large enough for a king-size bed, dressers and dressing table, or is it more compact? If you have a lot of furniture, it might not all ft in a new, smaller home. You may need to sell some pieces or put them in storage before moving. Young couples making the transition from an apartment to their own home may need to buy new furniture to fill up the house. If you have a large sofa or heavy dressers, size up the stairways and entrances for possible problems moving the furniture into the house.

Consider what will happen long after you’ve moved the furniture and connected the utilities. Check with the seller about recent tax bills for the property, and do research on the appraisals and property taxes for similar homes in the area. In some neighborhoods, property taxes rise every year while the rate remains steady in other areas. Make sure you’ll be able to pay property taxes on time each year. The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) recommends homeowners check into zoning restrictions on the property, and visit city hall to look for any possible liens or easements on the property. If you’re looking at homes for sale in east Texas through a real estate agency, your agent will help you with this information.

Take a tour of the neighborhood. Your house may be on a pleasant, well-kept block, but there may be abandoned buildings or a dingy industrial area just a half-mile down the road. If the house is close to an airport that might be great if you take lots of business trips, but the sound of planes will interfere with sleep. Think about your lifestyle and whether or not the surrounding area will complement it or detract from it.

All folks who want to tour homes for sale in east Texas should protect their interests by contacting an experienced realtor. Kerissa Payne of Re/Max Legacy Realtors in Lindale is an ABR-designated (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) real estate agent in east Texas. She works directly with buyer-clients and is always updating her skills to assist potential homeowners in their quest for that perfect house. Give her a call at her office (903-534-6683) or use the quick property search form on the agency’s website to find out about the properties she represents.

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