Details Buyers Should Consider When Looking at Homes for Sale in East Texas

homes for sale in east texasHave a plan before looking at homes for sale in East Texas. What do you want in a house – lots of space, a big backyard, close proximity to work? These features come to mind immediately, but there are details that might not come to mind when you take that first tour through a potential home.
You’ll need to move all your belongings from your old home to your new one, so check out the size of each room at an open house. Is the master bedroom large enough for a king-size bed, dressers and dressing table, or is it more compact? If you have a lot of furniture, it might not all ft in a new, smaller home. You may need to sell some pieces or put them in storage before moving. Young couples making the transition from an apartment to their own home may need to buy new furniture to fill up the house. If you have a large sofa or heavy dressers, size up the stairways and entrances for possible problems moving the furniture into the house.

Consider what will happen long after you’ve moved the furniture and connected the utilities. Check with the seller about recent tax bills for the property, and do research on the appraisals and property taxes for similar homes in the area. In some neighborhoods, property taxes rise every year while the rate remains steady in other areas. Make sure you’ll be able to pay property taxes on time each year. The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) recommends homeowners check into zoning restrictions on the property, and visit city hall to look for any possible liens or easements on the property. If you’re looking at homes for sale in east Texas through a real estate agency, your agent will help you with this information.

Take a tour of the neighborhood. Your house may be on a pleasant, well-kept block, but there may be abandoned buildings or a dingy industrial area just a half-mile down the road. If the house is close to an airport that might be great if you take lots of business trips, but the sound of planes will interfere with sleep. Think about your lifestyle and whether or not the surrounding area will complement it or detract from it.

All folks who want to tour homes for sale in east Texas should protect their interests by contacting an experienced realtor. Kerissa Payne of Re/Max Legacy Realtors in Lindale is an ABR-designated (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) real estate agent in east Texas. She works directly with buyer-clients and is always updating her skills to assist potential homeowners in their quest for that perfect house. Give her a call at her office (903-534-6683) or use the quick property search form on the agency’s website to find out about the properties she represents.

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How To Get A Great Price On Lindale Texas Homes For Sale By Understanding Market Value

Lindale Texas Homes For Sale | Lindale TexasWhen you hear the term “market value” what comes to your mind? Many first-time home buyers are not always certain what the term means. Market value is the price most individuals are willing to pay for a home. Many factors go into the determination of the market value of a given home. Whether a potential buyer understands the concept fully, he or she is likely to understand what makes a home worth a certain price or not. Certain aspects of a home, such as whether or not it has a garage, a fireplace, or a swimming pool, will likely increase or decrease the value of the home.

Although these particulars may be quite obvious, other aspects of what determines a home may not be quite as clear to a buyer. It is smart to work with a realtor who is an expert in what determines market value. Our staff is familiar with the Lindale Texas homes for sale and what they are worth. This gives our buyers an advantage, as they are sure to get a fair price on a home they love.

Here are three factors that affect a home’s market value.

Current Condition of Home

The current condition of a home will greatly determine its market value. Has it been well-maintained? Is the roof leak-free and are the carpets in good condition? Are there stains and dents in the walls? Are the windows crack-free? How well do the furnace and air conditioning systems work? These are just some factors that influence the market value of a home. In addition, the yard and outside appearance of a home will affect the value as well. Is there fencing? And is it in good repair? Understanding these factors helps you, along with your realtor, find fairly-priced, well-kept Lindale Texas homes for sale.

Location of the Home

Home buyers consider how the location of a home will influence them in their daily affairs. They likely know how long the commute to work will take or how long it will be to get to the grocery store. But how close a home is to well-known landmarks or shopping centers can increase or decrease the market value of a home as well. The quality of schools in the area and whether or not the area is well-maintained is also a guiding factor in market value. In addition, homes in busy cities are often less affordable than those in rural areas. Understanding this helps buyers find a home they love, and perhaps helps them find one in a more affordable area to get more “bang for their buck.”

Current Market Conditions

The housing market can either be labeled as a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market.” When conditions are favorable to purchase a home, it is a “buyer’s market,” meaning buyers will likely get a better deal on the home than they would have otherwise done because there are many homes that need to be sold and not a lot of selling being done. In contrast, it is a seller’s market when homes can be priced high and are in high demand. Understanding this can help you make a wise decision about when to purchase your home. This does not mean you should not purchase a home in a seller’s market. There are always quality homes for sale at a great price. But working with your realtor can ensure that you understand if a home is overpriced and may decrease in the future.

Our agents are excited and ready to help you find Lindale Texas homes for sale at a price that’s fair and fits your needs. Give us a call today at 903-882-MOVE (6683)!

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Find Lindale TX Homes For Sale In The Perfect Neighborhood For You

Lindale Texas Homes For Sale | Kerissa PayneBuying a home can be a big process. There are many things to consider, ranging from what kind of layout you want to how to finance your home. Many home buyers spend much of their time focusing on the particulars of a home they are interested in. Doing so ensures that they know the home “inside and out” before the purchase is made. However, it is equally important for a potential homeowner to take a good look at the area in which the house is located. After all, not all areas, neighborhoods, or communities are alike. Some Lindale Tx homes for sale are in areas that are well-established, while others continue to change and grow every day. Others are close to shopping centers, while others require a bit of travel and are more secluded.

As a future homeowner, you would be wise to understand what it is you desire in an area. Before you even begin looking, you should make a list of things that are particularly important to you. Educate yourself on potential areas of interest. Our knowledgeable agents are very familiar with the Lindale Tx homes for sale and the communities they are in. We can help you find a home in an area that fits you.

If you are unsure about what aspects of an area may be important, ask yourself the following questions. “Are there schools near my home?” “What is the quality of these nearby schools?” “Where is the nearest shopping center?” “What is the crime rate of this particular area?” “Is this neighborhood well-established?” “Are my neighbors clean and take care of their yards?” “Is this area quiet and secluded or loud and lively?” “Is there a lot of traffic in this neighborhood that could create hazards for my children or a lot of noise?” “How far will I have to commute to work each day?” “Are there any barking dogs nearby that may drive me crazy?”

Making a list of what is particularly important to you, and then assessing each home as you conduct your search, can help you find a home in a location that will suit your needs. It is good to remember that you can always make small changes (or big, if you so choose) to your home, but the location of your home is set. Therefore, scouting out the area beforehand will make you a wise and happy homeowner.

If it is time to begin looking for the perfect home for you in an area you love, give our friendly agents a call today at 903-882-MOVE (6683). We educate our clients on their options, and show a variety of Lindale Tx homes for sale, and we will help you find the home and area that is perfect for you and your family.

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Ready to Buy a Home? Why Using a Real Estate Agency Lindale TX is the Way to Go

Real Estate Agency Lindale TXPurchasing a home is a big deal. In fact, it’s likely to be the biggest investment you will ever make. The task of finding the home that is right for you can be a bit daunting. The process includes identifying what you would like in a home, searching for homes in your price range, knowing what to look for while inside a house, communicating with homeowners, negotiating prices, finding a good mortgage, and several other things. But don’t let this overwhelm you. Instead, make the choice to go through Kerissa Payne’s real estate agency Lindale, TX for your home. You’ll be glad you did.

Those who choose to buy a home through this knowledgeable, well-established real estate agency Lindale, TX will benefit from a hassle-free home-buying experience. If you are unsure about whether or not you’d really benefit from going through an agency, here are just a few ways this friendly staff will make your life easier.

First of all, Kerissa and her staff will educate you regarding the current conditions of the real estate market. They will also help you identify what it is you are looking for in a home and work to find matches that will likely be something you will like. They will give you several home options to choose from, so you can get a good idea of what you are interested in. They want you to love what you purchase.

In addition, working with this Remax Legacy staff allows you to know more about a given neighborhood than you could ever learn on your own. They can help you understand what kind of community it is, whether or not it is a stable neighborhood, and what schools are like in the area.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to work with a staff like Payne’s is the protection you receive while assessing a home. In other words, this staff is trained to look for specific things in a home. They know the questions to ask regarding previous issues with the home, and they ensure that they get the lawful answers you deserve. They also know exactly what inspections you need on a home to protect you as the homebuyer.

Yet another invaluable aspect of working with this agency is the fact that your agent will help you know what is a fair price for a given home. Your agent knows how to assess the value of a home. He or she is your representative and will help you in the negotiation process. You will not have to stress about whether or not you paid too much. This includes making sure all is fair in the dividing of costs between the buyer and seller as well, including closing costs.

Give Kerissa Payne’s real estate agency Lindale, TX a call today. The easy, hassle-free experience you will have will make you glad you did.


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Looking for East Texas Homes for Sale? Find One that Fits Your Personality and Needs

east texas homes for saleLet’s face it, looking for that perfect home can be a “toughie”. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just open up a catalogue, point to a good-looking house, and say “That’s the one I want” and the deal would be done? Unfortunately, a bit more thought and care goes into finding the perfect home for you. But here is the good news: You truly can find the perfect home for you if you make a deliberate effort to decide what you would like in your home. If you are looking for East Texas homes for sale, you are in luck, because the selection allows you to find one that will fit your personality and needs.

Before you begin your hunt, however, you need to do a little planning and decision making. When you know what you want in a house, Kerissa Payne and her knowledgeable staff can aid you in finding your dream home. To be more in-tune with what you would like in your home, consider doing the following:

Create a List and Prioritize

First of all, you should prioritize. This means sitting down, pulling out a paper and pen, and writing down the aspects you desire in your future home. Then number these elements on the list in order to identify which aspects of a home are a “must have” and which are only slight desires. Doing this will help narrow down possibilities when you and Kerissa begin your home search. It will also help you understand your flexibility limits. In other words, you will be able to say “I absolutely cannot live without a master bathroom!” (Okay, perhaps a bit dramatic, but you get the idea) or “You know, I think I can do without that third garage”.

Buyers who prioritize, as well as differentiate between wants and needs, are more likely to find a home they love.

Assess Your Needs, Personality, and Lifestyle

Secondly, you would do well to assess your needs, personality, and lifestyle. Do you throw big parties every weekend? Do you enjoy cooking, and therefore spend several hours in the kitchen? Do you have a particularly large amount of personal belongings that you simply cannot throw away? Being aware of these things will help you find a home that will lend itself to your needs. If you throw big parties, you’ll likely want a large room for entertaining guests. Or perhaps you need quite a bit of storage space or a large kitchen. Isn’t it great that homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes it possible for a potential homebuyer to find the perfect fit? The East Texas homes for sale offer several choices for any type of homebuyer.

Understand the Difference Between Home Layout and Cosmetics

Finally, understand the difference between home layout and cosmetics. The layout, or structure, of a home is often difficult to change without quite a bit of demolition and construction. Cosmetic features are those that can be changed rather easily such as carpeting, wallpaper, or paint. Understanding this difference will help you find a home that will work well for you, even if it takes a little cosmetic remodeling. When you know what you are, or are not, willing to change, your house search becomes more flexible and enjoyable!

Kerissa Payne, along with her friendly staff, are knowledgeable and ready to help. If you’re looking for East Texas Homes for sale, and are excited to own that dream home of your own, give them a call today. They will work diligently to find the home that fits your personality and needs.

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Homes for sale in Lindale,TX Offer the Privacy of Rural Life with City Attractions Close By

Homes for sale in Lindale TX Offer the Privacy of Rural Life with City Attractions Close ByHomes for sale in Lindale TX offer residents affordable, tasteful properties. Lindale and surrounding areas offer single-family residential homes, vacation homes, lots suitable for home or business construction and spacious ranch properties. Amenities in Lindale homes may include stainless steel appliances, gourmet kitchens, granite countertops, and bay windows. Lindale is a safe community with all the privacy of a small town, but most of the homes and vacation hideaways for sale have the same design elements you’d expect in larger suburban real estate markets.

Lindale’s wide open spaces give homeowners ample front and back yards. Enjoy swimming, barbecuing or gardening? You’ll have plenty of land to indulge in these activities. Some homes for sale in Lindale TX may already have swimming pools, decks or barbeque pits. A qualified East Texas real estate broker can help you find the right property to fit your indoor and outdoor lifestyle.

Lindale is part of the Tyler Texas metro area. Lindale and Tyler have plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family. The Tyler Recreation Area and Marina offers fishing, primitive camping and a boat launch for weekend relaxation.  Skydiving, a zip line, blueberry picking and the Tiger Creek Animal Refuge are a short drive away from Lindale. Museums, a theatre, a winery and the Texas Rose Horse Center Equestrian Park are among other attractions in the Tyler/Smith county area. If you have school-age children, Lindale’s public schools include two high schools, two elementary schools, an intermediate school and early childhood center.   The Brook Hill School, a boarding and college prep school, is one of several private schools in or close or Lindale

Whether you’re an East Texas resident looking at homes for sale in Lindale or a client new to the area, Lindale’s small but varied real estate market has something for you. The area has one bedroom, one-bathroom properties perfect for couples, ranch-style properties with enough acreage for horses, pets and gazebos and three or four bedroom for larger families. Lindale offers residents a combination of acreage, privacy and some of the most affordable real estate choices in East Texas.

Kerrisa Payne at Re/Max Legacy knows Lindale. She grew up in the city, and is well-equipped to answer clients’ questions about the area. She received her real estate license in 2008, and her background in working with local small businesses only strengthens her knowledge of and dedication to the community. Kerrisa and her staff will be glad to help you find the perfect property among homes for sale in Lindale TX. Call our office today at 903-882-6683 or use the contact form on our website.

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East Texas Real Estate For Sale That Really Rocks!

east texas real estate for saleLandscaping is just the perfect touch for any East Texas real estate that’s for sale. Want the curb appeal but not a lot of time to spend grooming your yard? Low maintenance would be a winner in the plus column in choosing any East Texas real estate that’s for sale. What about a little help from Mother Nature. Have you ever considered using rocks as part of your landscaping decor?

Stone is a beautiful natural element that has so many possibilities. Stone comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Rocks, small or large can add contrast and texture to East Texas real estate. Rocks are versatile, durable, and need very minimal maintenance.

Warmth can be brought out through river rocks and beach pebbles. Shaded areas can be brightened with white marble. Do you like a tropical effect? Then terracotta stones would be your choice of design. Black lava leans towards a Polynesian setting. Simple touches and choices in size, color, and shape can make all the difference in a space. Using spaces of rock or stone between planting areas gives your yard great appeal. The transitions of the textures allows for a breathtaking space.

Rocks have an advantage when it comes to spending, they are less expensive than many other landscaping materials. Rocks and stones are extremely durable. They do not have to be replaced every spring, but continue to hold their beauty year round. They brighten up areas and give contrast. Weeds find it difficult to get a strong hold in their presence. That will always be a positive in cutting back on maintenance time.

Rock gardens are fun to design and also make a great centerpiece for any yard. Flowers and foliage can go hand and hand with stones and rocks in making a yard more attractive. Rocks and stones are earthy and seem to have a quality of serenity about them that draws us into their natural world. They have endless possibilities.

A stone path is always always eye catching. These rock passages are often picturesque and charming features to any home. There are the added bonuses and practical benefits of stone walkways such as keeping your shoes clean.

Mother Nature’s stepping stones can add beauty and practicality to any East Texas real estate that is for sale. They can be time saving in upkeep and last for years to come. Kerissa Payne is sure to know where to find East Texas real estate that’s for sale and really rocks!

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Properties For Sale In East Texas Are Surrounded By Fun


property for sale in east texasWhen looking to purchase a property for sale in East Texas it is nice to know about some of the activities in the area. Things to do and places to go offer opportunities for time together as families, places to meet friends, or simply places to go for some “me” time. Relaxation, enjoyment, pleasure, and even learning can be found in many of the attractions nearby properties for sale in East Texas. Who doesn’t like to have a good time?

Instead of traveling as much, people are finding it economically beneficial to vacation while staying at home and seeing nearby sites. We might be surprised at what is just outside our own back doors. Property for sale in East Texas is a great spot for such an endeavor.

Lakes, water parks, amusement parks, zoos, historical sites, museums, festivals, and lots of other types of adventures are right in our backyards. It just takes a little hunting, a few calls, and an excellent outing can be up and running.

Texas offers great weather all year round, but despite possible rain, wind, or maybe even occasional snow there are places to go and things to see that keep the elements at bay.

East Texas might bring to mind a picture of horses, wide open spaces, grazing lands, and oil, but have you ever thought about gators? Surprisingly enough East Texas has some great places to see these massive reptiles up close and personal!

East Texas Gators and Wildlife Park is down the road in Grand Saline, TX. This might be a small town but it has a big attraction. Visitors come yearly from all over just to see the big gators in a safe, yet natural setting. Gators of all sizes swim in and sun along the waters edge. Watch them eat, see their strength, and even have the chance to hold a baby one…fun for kids of all ages and the young at heart.

Critters of all sorts can be enjoyed. Walk among the “residents”, enjoy their antics, and learn about them. Lots of picnic tables are available for eating. You can bring your own lunch or purchase food from the grill. Private parties are even available after closing hours.

You just don’t know what you might find in Texas. A huge variety of activities await the traveler. Purchasing a property for sale in East Texas offers a lot more than just a place to live. Things to do are just around the corner or the next bend in the road. If you are looking for a property for sale in East Texas let Kerissa Payne help you find the best place to call home.

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Homes For Sale In Lindale, TX That Have That Extra Something

Homes For Sale In Lindale, TX That Have That Extra Something

Kerissa Payne is more than happy to help you find that home with a lil’ extra something!

When looking at homes for sale in Lindale, TX there are many factors that come into consideration. Location, price, and school districts are some of the most obvious, but even though these components are important, don’t underestimate the features that say “this is it”.

Everyone has a wish list; so to speak…surprisingly over 60% of buyers are willing to pay more for a home with certain desired features. Many are in for the long haul, and want to have as much as possible in a package deal. The purchase of a home is always on an investment, but to those between the ages of 35 and 50 it is sometimes more about a home than just a  house. The details have an affect on the quality of life; they personalize it and make it their space, a haven, a retreat from the outside world.

Homes for sale in Lindale,TX are sure to have some of these factors that make all the difference. Let’s take a look at some features that have that “extra something”.

Eat in Kitchens are especially important to buyers with families. Considered a gathering place or family hangout it gives families a special place to spend time together.

Kitchen islands are multi-taskers. Not only do they lend additional counter and prep space but who couldn’t use another place to eat.

The trend nowadays is stainless steel appliances. This feature is more about appearance than longevity. Considering appliances, brand new catches a buyer’s eye too.

How did we ever live without a master bath? Over the past 10 years this added “sanctuary” has risen in popularity. Two sinks for couples is another appealing option.

To some they might be “old school” but hardwood floors are in great demand. Not only do they add beauty but they are easier to keep clean and who isn’t interested in making housework lighter.

We seem to have so much “stuff” that walk-in closets are high on the list. Storage is a must and rates high in the must haves not just the wants when looking at homes for sale in Lindale, TX.

We are all human and our comforts are a priority. I guess that is why almost seven out of ten home buyers are willing to spend the extra to purchase a home with central air conditioning. People desiring to buy a home for sale in Lindale, TX are not strangers to excessive heat and being cool and comfortable is a part of survival.

If you are looking to purchase a home for sale in Lindale, TX and you have certain features in mind then give Kerissa Payne a call today. She will be more than happy to help you find that home with that “extra something”.

homes for sale lindale tx 75771
Kerissa Payne
Re/Max Legacy
2808 S. Main, Ste M
Lindale, TX 75771
(909) 882-6683


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Competent, Professional Real Estate Agency Lindale Texas

When considering purchasing a home, many people think they can go it alone, however a licensed real estate professional is an invaluable resource for future homeowners. A competent, professional Real Estate Agency understands that homeowners may not have the experience and education that a licensed agent has. Also, your real estate agent will act as a buffer between you and buyers or sellers, making sure you see homes you are really interested in, that fir your criteria or keeping away the lookie-loos who will waste your time if you are a seller.

In fact, the best real estate agency in Lindale, Tx knows the neighborhood, has knowledge of the area schools, traffic, recreational activities and can offer you essential guidance on the price of a property. Your agent has a understanding of the current market and knows if the home is priced fairly and is a good value!


Contact us for more information about our Real Estate Agency in Lindale, Tx
Re/Max Legacy
2808 S Main, Ste M
Lindale, TX 75771
(903) 882-6683



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