Jeff Brown

“Before I hired Kerissa Payne to sell my house, I had a minimum number I wanted to sell it for. Selling a house is always stressful, especially in today’s up and down housing market. Kerissa Payne was great to work with. She’s professional and you can tell that she’s an expert in the industry. Not only is she great, but her team is wonderful as well. You’ve got a great thing going on! Not only did Kerissa Payne make the selling process smooth, she met my minimum number!”

RaQueith and LaQuesha McQuay

“Rodney Edwards is an amazing realtor. We were looking for a place that we could call home and Rodney found the perfect home for us. He exceeded our expectations as a realtor and his service was outstanding. We love our home and we 110% recommended Rodney to any new home buyer.“

John And Lila Driver

“Selecting Kerissa Payne as my REALTOR® was a slam dunk! She was very accessible, professional, and always provided me with the information I needed. She is very knowledgeable of the real estate market in this area and her insight and expertise were very valuable to me.

Kerissa more than paid for her services in the knowledge and service she provided for me. The home I was selling was in the country south of Troup and I was not aware of the market or the real estate traffic in that area. She suggested a price that I thought was too high but she quickly brought me a contract and when the buyer backed out, there was another that eventually sold. Wow! Yes Lila and I were extremely pleased to say the least.”

Jonathan Clark

President of Thirty II Oaks Builders and Center Management Company
“If you look up “professional” in the dictionary you will find a picture of Kerissa Payne. I Have been in commercial real estate and residential development for 26 years and I have rarely encountered a real estate agent with the knowledge, ability and integrity of Ms. Payne. She truly understands the meaning of fiduciary responsibility always putting her clients’ interest at the top of her chart. I am fortunate to have Ms. Payne represent me in all my real estate transactions.”

Mike & Cherri Straus

“We had been casually looking at buying a house when I spotted one I liked and gave Pressley Real Estate a call. I was lucky enough to have Kerissa answer the phone! She is very professional, and knows her business inside and out, but most importantly she is a great listener. She helped us discover what we were looking for, obtain the financing we needed, and most importantly handled each addendum to the contract (there were many!) with aplomb. It was a great joy having her as our agent!”

Naomi Almany

“I could not believe that 2 hours after Kerissa placed a sign in my yard, she was calling to set up an appointment for the next day with a client. The following day that client offered a price on the house. After negotiations, a contract was signed 2 days later. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you Kerissa!!!”

Jonathan & Kelly Hasz

“Kerissa helped us sell our home Quick! I also appreciated Kerissa & Jerri taking our calls at all hours & being calm & supportive no matter how emotional I was. Great communication.”

James & April Jordan

“After 4 years of having difficult realtors – we had all but given up. Then we met Kerissa, who lighted our work with hope. She listed and sold our home faster than any expectations we may have had. She was professional, helpful and patient with us. I would recommend Kerissa to anyone within a heartbeat!”

Landon & Katelyn Lewis

“Kerissa helped us both sell our home and purchase a new one. She was very helpful and we we recommend her to anyone in need of a real estate agent. We were very happy with everything!”

James & April Jordan

She listed and sold her new project faster than any expectations we may have had. She was professional, helpful, and patient with us.

Warren Crow

Not only Kerissa, but Jerri and their whole organization is a credit to the real estate profession. I think they have a great future.

Dottie Dunn

Kerssa, I know this was not a big sale for you, but I felt you treated it as though you would be receiving a huge commission. I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to the sale of this property. Thanks.

Glen & Irma Wilhite

Dealing with Kerissa was a very positive experience. She was aggressive, responsive, and took the time to answer my many questions. Thanks

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